Supplying distributors and manufacturers around the world since 1994.

Berlin Buckskin Co. Ltd. supplies deerskin leather, deerskin splits and deer suede to tanneries, distributors, and factories in the manufacturing industries of garments, jackets, shoes, boots, handbags, gloves, high fashion dress gloves, industrial gloves, wallets and other personal goods, arts and crafts, including North American Indian regalia.

We are quietly hidden in Berlin, Wisconsin USA, once hailed “The Fur and Leather City.”  Berlin Buckskin is family-owned and operated with traditional values and innovative techniques that are unique to find in our world today.  Deerskin is our family tradition; we have been serving our customers based on the knowledge of deerskin we have attained, spanning 3 generations and dating back to the 1950’s. Berlin Buckskin is dedicated to upholding Berlin, Wisconsin’s fur and leather heritage for generations to come.